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Welcome to Minnesota's Best House Plans. We are proud to offer complete builder-ready construction plans for sale at affordable prices. Our plans meet the International Residential Code and Minnesota's Residential Code.



We are a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the residential drafting industry and we have created hundreds and hundreds of beautiful home plans of all kinds, specifically for Minnesota. We are now offering some of our complete builder-ready plans for sale for an affordable price to builders and homeowners.


Plumbing layouts, heating and air conditioning layouts and electrical layouts are not included in our plans. You will need to consult a local contractor for those layouts for your plans.

Building permits from your municipality may require one or more of the following items that are not included with our plans: Engineering or Architectural Stamp: If you are required to have a professional stamp on your house plans, you must take those plans to a licensed local engineer or architect to review and either stamp with approval or propose changes. Foundation Soil Testing: Depending on where you decide to build your home, soil samples might need to be taken by a local soil laboratory in order to solidify your foundation plan. The results of the soil testing might require modifications to the foundation plan. Site Plan: You may also need your home builder or surveyor to create a site plan that displays where the house will be built on the land. Framing Plan: If your county requires framing plans, take your house plan to a local building supply company or engineer and they can create framing plans that fit the city and county. These may include beam sizes, locations, etc. Mechanical Plan: These drawings display the location of heating and air equipment and the associated duct work. Plumbing Plan: These drawings show the exact location of plumbing and include pipe sizes.

Finished square footage of house plans are taken from the exterior perimeter of frame wall and include only heated living spaces. Staircases and 2 story areas are only included once in the calculations of the first floor. Calculations do include open walkways in the heated space. The total finished square foot calculation does not include unfinished basements, porches, garages, decks or attic spaces.

The plans on our website are designed in accordance with the International Residential Code (IRC) and the Minnesota Residential Code. Modifications to the plan may be needed due to certain counties, municipalities and developments having their own additional building codes, covenants, and requirements. Determining and complying with all codes is the responsibility of the builder/homeowner. If changes are needed to plans to comply with any additional requirements after payment is received and final plan is sent there will be additional costs for plan changes, determined on a plan to plan basis.

Yes, our plans are protected by copyright laws. All floor plans and renderings on this site are the property of Minnesota’s Best House Plans. Purchasing a set of blueprints or construction drawings transfers no right of ownership of the plan to the purchaser. Instead, the purchaser is purchasing a limited license to use that house plan to construct a single home. The blueprints or construction drawings may not be lent or sold by the purchaser. Reproducing blueprints, plans or renderings in any form without the consent of the creator is in violation of the law. House plans are intellectual property of the designer and protected under Federal Copyright Laws. We strive for accurate representation of renderings and house plans and will not be responsible for errors or omissions on this site.

Many modifications are possible but need to be reviewed in order to know if they will work while maintaining the integrity of the plan and complying with all building codes. Plan modifications are priced on a plan-to-plan basis and can vary based on the extent of changes requested. We will prepare a free quote generally within 1-2 business days. Some examples of changes are: finished basement, changing number of garage stalls, changing from slab on grade to crawl space, increasing or decreasing room sizes/sq ft of plan, redesigning floor plans, changing stairs, revising exterior elevations, roof pitches, changing ceiling heights, ICF foundation, changing window sizes/styles, changing exterior siding/stone etc., adding a deck or screen porch. Choose the plan you would like modified and send us your changes and questions through our contact us form and we will prepare and email you a free quote. If you agree to the quote for your plan changes we require a 25% non-re-fundable down payment to begin the changes.

Purchasing a plan will grant you the right to build one home from that plan. If you plan to build the same home more than once we offer discounted rates for multiple uses, contact us with any questions.

Choose which house plan you would like to order and submit it through our contact form. Include your contact information and plan choices including: Plan name Garage left or right If the plan has a basement, choose between full basement, lookout or walkout Choose poured concrete or concrete block foundation Frost footing depth, which will be 42” or 60” depending on the county you are building in. We will respond to you with a no obligation quote, answers to any questions and give you a timeline of when your house plan can be complete. A preliminary plan will then be drawn and emailed to confirm your order along with an invoice. When the invoice is paid we will complete your plan and email you a completed PDF plan set. Printed plan copies can also be purchased and mailed. If changes are needed to final plans after payment is received and final plan is sent there will be additional costs for plan changes, determined on a plan to plan basis.
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